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Pasqual (Pancho) Ramirez
I recieved a notice in June 1966 to report to my local draft board on July 26, 1966.I got married on July 19, 1966 I know most of you are going to say what was he thinking.Well I was making sure my Wife Irene would be waiting for me when I got out which of course she was.

I took basic training at Fort BlissTexas. I then went to Fort Huachuca Arizona for Radio school and was there until January 1967. I got orders to report to Fort Bliss again and was assigned to the old Biggs Air Base.I remained there until April 30th. Where I recieved orders to report to the Oakland Army Depot for assignment to Republic of Viet Nam on May 20,1967

I spent one of the worst years of my life there but I also met some of the greatest people I have ever known to date.Thanks guys for the memories and for just being there.

I am making this site to honor all Viet Nam Veterans, KIA's and POW's
At this time I would like to thank some of those great people I mentioned above.To some great friends and brave soldiersThank you.

Ltc.William S. Schroeder Ramiro ( Ram ) Chavez,Capt.Charles Liteki, Otis Wells, Freddie Wampler, Lt. Wayne Smith, Sgt. Cavalo, Sgt. Federico Sotello, Sgt. Grover, Sgt. Major Moon, Pasqual Hernandez, Antonio Eduardo, Bob Goldsmith, Dennis Looker, Henry Schroeder. Gunther Bahja, Robert Wild, Ricky Jones, Clay Crowder, Jim Pius, Steve Murr, Johnny Velasquez, Bill Hill, Gabe Michaels, Humberto Medina, Joe Stegin, Yogi, and Jeff (Doug) Douglas Capt. Stan Mclaughlin, Capt. Jim Dabney SSGT. Jim Pius, Sgt. Bill Hill Frank Mangani 

To my close friends that didn't make it back Rodolpho Arturo Vasquez (CHICO), Sgt, Jose Aguon, PFC. Raymond George Witzig, Sgt. Charles Frank Mc Gowen, Antonio Alvarado Esqueda, Octaviano Martinez Harvey, David Centano Grijalva, Manuel Gonzales Castillo

You will be missed forever but you will never be forgotten. God bless you and rest in peace amigos.

This site is to be used for the purpose of bringing all Redcatchers together
You can use this site to connect to other sites in the redcatcher ring. You may also use this site to find friends you served with in Viet Nam.



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