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The first 9 pictures are from battalion HQ. in Thu Duc May 1967 to about August 1967.The next 3 pictures are from the relay Sta. we worked at by rotating the RTO's during the same period.
The next 3 photos are from firebase Nashua in November 1967.

Doug and Craig Meyers fighting for beer.

I am writing home from Thu Duc.

My wife sent this care package, so we are enjoying the jalapenos.

This is Frank Manganie at Battalion Headquarters

Doug getting short and loving it. 1967

Jeff Douglas, Blackmon and Bob Goldsmith

My first week at Thu Duc

Myself and Frank Mangani

Just me enjoying a watermelon.

Norm Reeves and Dennis Castaldo Company A. 1967

Who is this E-6 with me at Nashua from A or B company

Boat people from C company

Delta with Sgt. Rock

Norm Reeves relaxing at FB Nashua 1967.

Doc Chavez eating a C-rat burger from Norm Reevse

Norm getting shrapnel removed from his back by Doc Chavez.

This photo also was supplied by Brian Hahn. It is Gary and a friend in CO. A.

Company B 4th Plt.

Company B

Pasqual Hernandez and Ray Witzig

Company B. John and his dog Miffy

The Chambers family 2001

Here is John and his dog Mofo

This is a photo of the book written by Patricia Enedy in honor of her brother. George Farawell Company D 4/12

Sgt. Charles Frank Mc Gowen KIA May 6, 1968.

Pfc. Raymond George Witzig KIA May 6, 1968.

Enjoying a warm one.


Please do not use these photos without permission from the owner.